Saturday, April 21, 2012

Music of Zelda

I must confess...I've strayed further and further away from Nintendo during the Wii years. Even so, I made sure I purchased a copy of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, which included a special 25th anniversary CD featuring some of the all-time greats from Koji Kondo.

I've played almost every Zelda game so I knew the music was top-notch, but wow; this disc is simply a masterpiece. I've had it playing in my car for about a week straight now and it's taken me back to a number of previous Zelda games. Scenery and locales I thought I'd forgotten quickly spring forth in my mind when the corresponding tune plays. The track list is as follows.

  1. The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Medley
  2. Kakariko Village Twilight Princess Theme
  3. The Wind Waker Symphonic Movement
  4. Gerudo Valley
  5. Great Fairy's Fountain Theme
  6. Twilight Princess Symphonic Movement
  7. The Legend of Zelda Main Theme Medley
  8. Ballad of the Goddess from Skyward Sword

The Wind Waker Symphonic Movement is - hands down - my favorite track on the entire score. Wind Waker may not have been my favorite Zelda game, but the music may be the best in the series. If you're a Zelda fan or just a fan of classical music in general, I strongly encourage you to give this special compilation a listen.


logankstewart said...

OoT will likely always be the greatest game of all time. That said, I loved Wind Waker, too. The music for all of the Zelda games is wonderful. Up until recently I had the OoT soundtrack, and loved it. Sadly, I sold my Wii a few months back and never got around to playing Skyward Sword.

In fact, I decided to sell my entire shoebox full of Zelda collectibles. I had original boxes and games all in immaculate condition from SNES, Gameboy Color, and N64, a collectible set of action figures, and a few other things. I've had this stuff since I was a kid and through my teen & college years. Loved it. But I'm trying to become more minimal this year in my possessions, and I thought I'd get rid of the stuff. So I listed it all on ebay, expecting around $100 for everything. I made $435! I was speechless. Sure, I got rid of my Zelda stuff and part of my childhood, but I MADE $435! Talk about a profit.

(Now I'm thinking about doing the same for my Pokemon cards...)

Jonboy said...

Dang! That is awesome!

I should probably do the same thing. I have so many material things that just don't even matter. I may start with my MJ basketball cards. I wish I'd saved more of my old collectibles.

Skyward Sword is good and a few have even said it's their favorite Zelda game, but it just hasn't "hooked" me like Ocarina. Maybe it's just me being older, but I do feel like the game is legitimately good. Maybe I need to try and finish it. I'm probably about half-way through.

Been meaning to comment on this forever Logan. Sorry it took so long, haha.

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