Friday, February 28, 2014

I was Featured in a PlayStation Video

Well this is pretty cool. It's not every day you get to appear in a PlayStation video (well, your online user name anyway). I can confirm the rumors are true. I have been featured in one of PlayStation's videos, which focuses on the share functionality of Sony's latest system.

I'm a frequent poster over the popular NeoGAF forum and I came across a new thread. The title had more to do with the new InFamous footage than the sharing videos. I pulled out my phone during my lunch break to check out the video. As it started playing, I didn't even notice the the name. It was my shared video that caught my eye. Take a look below and see if you can spot it. 

NBA 2k14. Mike Conley of the Grizzlies drains a 3 to beat the Clippers. I thought to myself, that looked really familiar. I think I've seen this before. So I immediately re-watched the first part of the video. My jaw dropped when I saw my PSN ID appear across the screen: jonboy_jlf_2004. So cool!

Being in Marketing/Communications myself, the concept of the share button instantly made sense to me back when Sony announced it. Every single time a user hits "share," it's nearly 100% free advertising for Sony. Videos streaming from their system across Facebook and Twitch (hopefully YouTube is added soon enough), plus the screenshot sharing feature through Twitter, are incredibly efficient ways to market a system and a brand. Not only do the videos and screenshots look great, they're almost always events that are going to come across as pure fun (like a game-winning 3-point shot). Others online see the videos and then they too want in. It's brilliant.

I have no idea if this video will be used as a television commercial or if it's just an online video to promote the share button on the dualshock 4. Even though I realize it's all part of the marketing of the sytem, as a huge fan of Sony and the PS4, I think it's pretty awesome. 

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