Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Sad Realization Of Being An Adult Gamer

As long as I'm living and physically capable, I will be a gamer. Unfortunately, we only have a limited amount of time here on this earth. Many of us choose to spend part of that time with games. They provide us an escape, help to relieve stress, and provide entertainment. The problem today? There are too many good games. As I look back on many of the games I've missed, I came to the sad realization: I will never be able to play every good game available. I may not even be able to play ever great game available. For someone who has a passion for games, this is a sad thought indeed.

Currently, I own PS3, Wii U, 3DS, Vita and a handful of legacy systems including the original NES, SNES, and Gamecube. I also have an iPhone, which of course supports a plethora of new and innovative titles as mobile gaming continues to grow. The PS4 and Xbox One also loom on the horizon. Perhaps I've inadvertently rebelled against my parents and the philosophy they instilled in me growing up: one console, one handheld. They never understood the point of having more than one console and although I can think of plenty of reasons they're wrong, I have to say I'm starting to appreciate the idea that less is more.

I recently started playing the game Demon's Souls for the first time. In case you aren't familiar, it's a game notoriously known for its extreme difficulty and unforgiving checkpoint system. It's a nod to old-school games from a time where save points and checkpoints didn't exist. Demon's Souls is a game you could easily obsess over thanks to its intricate weapon, magic, and faith system. Certain enemies have specific weaknesses you can exploit if you have the right weapon. You can sacrifice armor for a character with more quickness. In short, it's a game I would have spent hours playing whenever I was a kid. Back then, you had to make every game count. Now I'm older and control my own finances so it's easier to plan accordingly so I can purchase the games I want.

If you're a young gamer? Enjoy the heck out of the time you have to play any game you want. Even better if your job allows you to play games for a living. As for the rest of us, we'll have to consider all the factors for our future console purchases, the games we buy, and how much time we spend with a specific title.

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