Thursday, May 22, 2014

Top 10 Games of All-Time (#7)

7.) Journey

Games have long toyed with our emotions, constantly seeking to engross players in new, thoughtful, and meaningful ways. Video game creators have traditionally accomplished this through age-old techniques centered on story and character. Journey certainly places the utmost importance on story and character, only... spoken words are never uttered.

In fact, Journey lacks many of the conventional elements we've come to expect from video games. There are no maps or waypoints to tell you where to go. There's no final boss. No cumbersome HUD with a health bar and magic meter. In essence, the character and story are yours, and yours alone.

Journey draws you in with a combination of gorgeous visuals and a perfect musical score that accompanies every key moment throughout the game. Back when I reviewed Journey, I couldn't think of a single change I would make. That remains true today.

The pacing and sense of discovery are fantastic, and should have no problem holding up years into the future. In fact, I can't wait for the day my son is old enough to experience this tale and to have an appreciation for what it's telling him about himself.

I hesitate to mention too much about what you'll see and do because it's best experienced first-hand. What I'm completely comfortable saying is Journey will take you on an emotional adventure. You'll be happy, sad, curious, afraid, proud, joyful...and so much more.

Whereas most games have been content to only impact players emotionally, Journey takes it a step further by impacting you, dare I say, spiritually. Frankly, it's quite difficult to put into words and most certainly depends on your own beliefs about life. It's not a game you can walk away from and easily forget. I would even say it's likely to evoke a questions about your own beliefs. Plenty of games have impacted me emotionally, but I'm not sure any have ever impacted me in a spiritual way, save for Journey. 

Make sure you turn down the lights. Throw on a pair of headphones. And play through the full 2-hour adventure undisturbed, in one sitting. Listen carefully and see what type of story Journey has for you. You won't forget it.

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