Thursday, May 15, 2014

Jonboy's Top 10 Games of All-Time (Honorable Mentions)

I’ve wanted to compile a comprehensive list of my favorite games for years. Unfortunately, there are numerous challenges in attempting such an endeavor, some of which have prevented me from ever completing a list. Until now, that is.  IGN editors’ recent series on their top games of all-time inspired me to finally develop such a list. And oh, how rewarding it has been.

First, I needed to establish a working framework. Are these the best, most well-made games of all time? The most influential? Do I number the list? These list are personal; thus, I’m focusing on my personal favorite games of all-time.  More specifically, what are the 25 games that sold me on gaming in the first place? What are the games that have made this lifetime hobby worth a lifetime of dedication? Those are the questions I set out to answer with this list.

I also decided on a numbered list. I can’t lie; it’s absolutely agonizing to try and nitpick one game over another. To search for minor flaws in my favorite games ever goes against the very nature of a “top 25” list in the first place. But I continued to return to my purpose and the framework I’ve established. In some alternate universe where I’ve never played a single video game, which 25 would I pick for myself to play? Which five would I pick? Which one would I pick?

It wasn’t easy, but I finally managed to complete the list. Rather than making this one enormous blog post, I’ve elected to split it into separate entries. To get started, I’ve elected to list my 15 honorable mention, which round out my top 25. These are games I truly adore, but they just missed the cut of being in my top 10. They are not in any particular order. Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

Memorable characters, excellent battle system, and an intriguing story. 
Near perfection in gameplay and excellence in level-design
A roller-coaster epic with top-notch storytelling.
Fantastic world to explore with a truly believable western tale.
My favorite rhythm game ever made, hands-down. Deserves a sequel.
So easy to get lost in the world and its characters. 
The best Batman game ever made. You truly feel like the caped-crusader.
Just plain fun. Pure gameplay in every sense of the word. 
One of the greatest plot twists in all of video games. 
Ground breaking and unlike any game I'd ever played. Emotional and impactful.
One of my favorite multiplayer games ever made. Poured countless hours into this one.
Incredible powers and intriguing story. 
The PS2's swan song was a gorgeous, action-packed epic.
Car combat at its finest. My friends and I had a blast with this one.
 Fantastic puzzles and an unexpectedly funny, well-told story.


Stranger said...

For me personally, Red Dead Redemption is in my top 5, if not top 3, favorite games of all time.

Jonboy said...

It was soooo hard to keep Red Dead off the top 10! So hard.

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