Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Trophy Tuesday: Sly Cooper Thieves in Time

Sony's latest title featuring the thieving raccoon has been fairly well-received among critics. It's also a great game for trophy hunters out there...especially if you have the Vita version. 

PS3trophies.org rates the platinum difficulty a 3/10 for Sly Cooper Thieves In Time, and estimates approximately 10-15 hours to obtain every trophy. If you're really looking to skyrocket your PSN level, you can transfer your save to the Vita using the cloud save feature. Sly is actually part of Sony's cross-buy promotion, which means you'll receive a digital copy of the Vita version when you purchase for PS3. By utilizing cloud save, you only have to beat the game once. You then transfer that save to the Vita and load the game. Every trophy you've earned on the PS3 version will instantly pop on the Vita version. Alternatively, you can also continue transferring saves back and forth (as I did) to keep your game moving forward even on the go. 

Sly's most difficult (AKA- annoying) trophies involve a plethora of collectables. There are far more collectables in this entry of Sly over the previous three games. The clue bottles make a return, but you'll also be collecting specific treasures and sly masks. There are certain tasks you can complete to unlock a in-game maps for the clue bottles and treasures; however, there is no map for the masks. 
The Vita makes treasure hunting a breeze.
Fortunately for Vita owners, there's another added benefit to having both games. You can use the Vita's AR treasures mode to highlight every treasure, mask, and clue bottle in orange (make sure you go to options on the PS3 version to enable the AR server first). The rest of the screen appears in a green/night-vision-esque hue. I'm sad to admit it, I didn't even know about this feature until very late in the game. Even so, it proved invaluable for finding those last few masks. 

If you only have a few platinum trophies and are looking for a quick way to increase your level, look no further than Sly. Not only is it an attainable platinum, it's also a great game. 

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