Friday, May 07, 2010

LOST shirt arrives

As you can see, the shirt I blogged about in a recent post arrived in the mail today. Overall, I'm very pleased. The t-shirt itself is actually 'fruit of the loom' so it is good quality. The graphic is screen printed so I hope it won't start to tear off after a few washes.

If I had to change one thing it would be to actually have the graphic a little bigger. Only a minor gripe. Definitely worth the $19 and I'll certainly be wearing this on 5-23-10.


logankstewart said...

Awesome stuff. I still haven't bought a shirt yet!

I love this one, but can't justify the price.


Jonathan Francis said...

Haha, yeah that price is a little steep. I wonder if they will release an updated shirt with Kwon and Jarrah crossed off?

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