Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lost Recap: "The Package"

Desmond is back...and not a moment too soon! I'm sure we all hoped that Desmond would live happily ever after (funny enough, that's the title of the next episode); however, it looks as if Charles Widmore has once again intruded upon Penny and Des' lives. Ever since Desmond started traveling through time, many of us have speculated that he would play an integral role in the end of the series. Now it appears that he will definitely have a role to play, but there will be plenty of time for Des next week.

Although "The Package" refers to Desmond, this episode focused on the relationship between Sun and Jin. In the flashsideways, we learn that Mr. Paik knows all about the relationship between his daughter and Jin. Not only does he know, but he's arranged for Martin Keamy to kill Jin. Lucky for Jin, the $25,000 was confiscated in customs and Keamy certainly won't kill Jin until he's paid in full.

What's interesting about this flashsideways is that we see how Jin is a completely different person. He is a much more likeable guy, similar to the Jin we've come to know, in contrast to the Jin we met at the very beginning of LOST. Once again, this seems to indicate that the flashsideways is a completely different world. It's not as if everything up until Flight 815 was the same as before, rather, their entire lives are different. In Jin's case, even his personality is totally different.

I'm still itching to know how these flashsideways are going to tie-in to the island storyline. In every episode, we see more and more examples of the timelines bleeding into one another. One particular example that stood out to me was how Sun hits her head on the island and Jin hits his head in the sideways. It seems so insignificant...but this is LOST. Nothing is insignificant.

As far as the on-island storyline, we have now learned that Widmore wants to keep MIB on the island, which I suppose puts him on Team Jacob for the time being. It wouldn't surprise me if by the end of the season we have a lot more gray than black and white as far as characters being wholly good or wholly evil...maybe even Jacob and MIB.

Whatever the case may be, Widmore seems to think that Desmond is the key to keeping MIB on the island. This raises a number of questions which I'm sure will be addressed during Desmond's episode.

To close, I'll leave you with a recent tantalizing little tweet from LOST's executive producer Damon Lindelof: "In one week, the conversation is going to change."


logankstewart said...

Wow, that is a tantalizing tweet. Maybe since Des can time-hop, he can also hop through realities, too? Argh! I can't wait to see how the conversation's going to change.

logankstewart said...

That link you sent me was fascinating. I thought I heard Keamy say "the Island", but didn't think anything else about it other than I may have misheard him. It was confirmed that Keamy didn't say "the Island," though, in the comments.

The unconscious-bleed through thing is what's really got me thinking. I've thought a bit before that the Island may actually be the FS/FF/FB and the other realities be the true ones, but I never really gave much thought. The argument the guy gives is great, though.

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